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SPC 101

The School Planning Council (SPC)
The school plan is the responsibility of the School Planning Council (SPC) in every school. The School Act is specific in defining the job of the SPC—
By a date set by the board, a school planning council must prepare and submit to the board a school plan for the school in respect of improving student achievement and other matters contained in the board’s accountability contract relating to the school. [School Act, s. 8.3(2)]
The SPC may advise the school board—and the board must consult with the SPC—in respect of certain matters:
  • allocation of staff and resources in the school
  • matters contained in the school board’s accountability contract relating to the school
  • education services and programs in the school [School Act, s. 8.2]
By comparison, PACs and DPACs have a much broader role than SPCs under the School Act

  • may advise the board, principal, and staff of the school on any matter relating to the school, other than matters assigned to the SPC
  • at the request of the SPC, may assist the SPC in carrying out its functions under the Act [School Act, section 8(4)]
  • may advise the school board on any matter relating to education in the school district [School Act, section 8.5(1)]
Your school plan is a public document. Your school board is required to make it available to all parents of students attending your school. It may be posted on your school or district website. Ask your principal or school district office.
The SPC must consult with the PAC during preparation of the school plan. [School Act, s. 8.3(3)]
This requirement, in combination with the make-up of the SPC (three parent representatives elected by secret ballot by the PAC), is intended to ensure effective parent participation in preparing the school plan.
Many school districts have developed policies on SPCs setting out the process for consultation to be used in the district. Ask your PAC or DPAC chair, principal, or school board office for the policy in your district. Many of these policies are available on the website of the BC School Trustees’ Association.
Your school district policy on SPCs may set out annual timelines for establishing the SPC in each school and submitting the school plan to the district.
Because the district must submit its accountability contract to the Minister of Education on or before October 31st each year, the timeline for SPCs is important to ensure the district can take all school plans into account in preparing its accountability contract. [School Act, s. 79.2(2)]
Once the school plan is approved by the board, it must be made available to every parent of a student attending the school [School Act, s. 8.3(7)]. Many schools post the school plan on their website.

Langley District Resources:

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BCCPAC Resources:

Leadership Manual – School Planning Councils
School Planning Council (SPC) Procedure
Steps for Electing your SPC’s PAC Representative

Ministry of Education:

School Planning Council Guidelines



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