Langley District PAC

To educate, inform and empower parents to be true partners in the education of their children

Acronym Dictionary

The number of acronyms used in the district is huge.  Surely there are many that are missing on this list.  It is a never-ending work-in-progress.  If there are any to be added please let us know!

ANS  —  Aldergrove Neighbourhood Services
BCCPAC  —  BC Coalition of Parent Advisory Councils
BCPSEA  —  BC Public School Employers’ Association
BCSSA  — BC School Superintendents Association
BCSTA  —  BC School Trustees Association
CYC — Child and Youth Committee
DAC  —  District Achievement Contract
DLT — District Leadership Team
ECD  —  Early Childhood Development
ELL  —  English Language Learners (formerly ESL)
ESL  —  English as a Second Language
FASD  —  Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
FIT  —  Families in Touch Network
FORCE  —  Family Organized for Recognition and Care Equality
IEP  —  Individualized Education Plan
IRP  —
ISP  —  International Student Program
LCD  — Langley Child Development Centre
LCS  —  Langley Community Services
LD  —  Learning Disability
LDAFV  —  Learning Disabilites Association of the Fraser Valley
LGBTQ  —  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning
LPPL  —  Langley Parents as Partners in Learning
LTA  —  Langley Teachers’ Association
MCM  —  Middle Childhood Matters
MoE  —  Ministry of Education
PAC  —  Parent Advisory Council
PISP  —  Provincial Integrated Support Program
PLO  —  Prescribed Learning Outcome
POP  —  Provincial Outreach Program
SET-BC  —  Special Education Technology for BC
SLD  —  Severe Learning Disability
SPC  —  School  Planning Council
SWIS  —  Settlement Workers in Schools

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